64GB SDXC Memory Card

Panasonic Ltd. is the first company to release a 64 GigaByte SDXC memory card - (Secure Digital eXtended Capacity).

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Digital Cameras and HD Camcorders

High MPix digital cameras and HD camcorders will benefit the most from the increased size and speed of the new SD XC cards.



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  • SDXC Card - the new SD standard for card with CLSS 10+ speed rating and sizes of up to 2TB
  • SDXC USB 3.0 adapter - for full speed data transfer from the card to PC avoiding bottlenecks.
  • SDXC Flash Card and microSDXC
  • SDXC Flash hard drive replacement in built in PCs and portable devices.
  • micro SDXC memory cards - smaller size, but same capacity and speed!

  • Buy SDXC cards and USB / eSATA SD XC card readers.

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Quote of the day: You can always use more memory.